Our TrendSense Predictive Model . . .

Perfect Timing is Everything

TrendSense™ is a 24-year-old- trend tracking system – which helps us identify and quantify health/nutrition trends, markets, issues, conditions, ingredients and terminology. It is designed to predict each trend’s/term’s sustainability, current lifecycle stage, and its optimal timing for mainstream consumer acceptance, if ever. It is a tool for identifying emerging opportunities, those that have lost their luster, fads vs. trends, and those that are giving way to other terms, e.g., phytochemicals historically morphing into bioactives.

More than three years in development…

TrendSense™ is based on more than 1800 actual in-market case studies and in-depth analyses of market parameters, by a team of Sloan Trend, corporate and university statisticians provided through The Campbell Soup Co., Tropicana/PepsiCo and Seagram’s.

Model Development

As part of the model development, the following parameters were considered: supplement, food, and pharmaceutical sales; health and natural food store sales; nutrition/pharmaceutical direct marketing and other alternative channel successes; new product activity; consumption data; regulatory activity/impact; consumer trends, behaviors and attitudes; professional, trade and media activity; and other critical market indicators. Threshold values were determined which triggered each phase of the term’s product lifecycle … Emerging, Popularization and Commercialization.

TrendSense™ is based on a system designed to monitor global medical, scientific, and technical electronic databases as well as consumer, general global and U.S. market activity; including media, trade, legal regulatory, sales, NGO activity, and other various streams of relevant information critical to market decisions in the food, health and pharma arena. Extraordinarily large and comprehensive databases are outsourced by Sloan Trends to research-specific electronic data supporters.

TrendSense also can help to determine:

  • market potential for truly new concepts
  • future weight of scientific evidence
  • high potential, up-and-coming ingredients
  • market synergies with other ingredients, such as maximizing bioavailability
  • most marketable health linkages for an ingredient or condition
  • crossover opportunities from other market sectors, such as sports nutrition
  • impact of negative publicity on marketability
  • second-generation opportunities for major health markets or ingredients.

We Can Tell You When

“In 2007, we would have told you that protein as well as muscle/body composition would be hot markets and in 2015, that stress, anxiety, cognition and some brain health linkages would soon skyrocket to mega market status.” We told our clients, e.g., Panera Bread, that the low carb trend would be a relatively short-term fad and unsolicited informed the world’s largest marketer of choline in 2016 that it was a major overlooked nutritional opportunity.

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