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Food Technology Magazine: Food, Beverage, Culinary & Healthy Food Trends

Dr. Sloan has served as consumer trends editor of Food Technology magazine for over 20 years. She created and writes their State-of-the-Industry reports – What America Eats?, Top 10 Food Trends, the Top 10 Functional Food Trends, Great Ideas from Abroad, the Demographic Update, Specialty Food Markets, and a the bi-annual restaurant industry update.

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2021 – December Take Caution: Top Nutraceutical Trends to Reassess in 2022
2021 – September Consumers Catch the Seafood Wave
2021 – August What to Watch for as the Plant-Based Food Market Grows
2021 – June A Resilient Restaurant Business Gets Creative With Menus
2021 – May What COVID Changed-and Didn’t Change-for Male Consumers
2021 – April Top 10 Food Trends
2021 – March New Motivation Fuels Sports Nutriution Opportunities
2021 – February Center Store Moves Center Stage
2021 – January Consumers, COVID-19, and CBD Edibles
2020 – December Cannabis, COVID & Consumers
2020 – November Kids Change Things
2020 – October State of the Industry Restaurants Navigate the Road to Recovery Feature
2020 – September The Home Kitchen Takes on New Life
2020 – August Food Safety Through the Prism of COVID-19
2020 – July The New Specialty Foods Opportunity
2020 – June How Sweet It Is
2020 – May Healthy Eating Mediterranean Style Consumer Trends Column
2020 – April Top 10 Functional Food Trends
2020 – March Regional Differences
2020 – February Where & Why We Buy?
2020 – January What, When, and Where American Eats: State-of-the-Industry Report
2019 – December Diet Hopping
2019 – November Favoring Fermented
2019 – October Global Migration/Global Products: State-of-the-Industry Report
2019 – September Let’s Do Lunch
2019 – August Blockbuster New Products
2019 – July Demographics Disruptors: State-of-the-Industry Report
2019 – June Small Categories Great Big Gains
2019 – May Shoppers Shift to Fresh
2019 – April Top 10 Food Trends: State-of-the-Industry Report
2019 – March Protein More Room to Grow
2019 – February Supplements Signal a New Mix of Nutritional Priorities
2019 – January Fresh Foods: State-of-the-Industry Report
2018 – December Keeping Things Fresh in the Bread Aisle
2018 – November Go Fish
2018 – October Restaurant Realignment: State-of-the-Industry Report
2018 – September The ABC’s of Gen Z
2018 – August Fancier Cheese Please
2018 – July Prioritizing from Premium: State-of-the-Industry Report
2018 – June A Prescription for Healthy Snack Sales
2018 – May Fine-Tuning Food Safety
2018 – April Top Ten Functional Food Trends: State-of-the-industry Report
2018 – March How Consumers Think About Meat is Changing
2018 – February New Priorities and Preferences
2018 – January What, When & Where America Eats: State-of-the-Industry Report

Nutraceuticals World: Supplements, Health, Nutrition, Conditions, Ingredients

Drs. Sloan and Adams Hutt write on a variety of leading-edge topics in their “Getting Ahead of the Curve” feature in Nutraceuticals World, which began in 2008 and includes examples of recent TrendSense findings. Over the years, topics have ranged from mobility and insulin resistance, to turmeric, amino acids, specialty nutrients, and more.

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Cognitive Fitness


Cognitive Fitness

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Sloan and Hutt are frequent speaker’s at industry events, conventions, and short courses. Their Supply Side West presentation identifying the New Fit Consumer, which may well represent as much as 40% of U.S. adults, was one of the highest rated in recent years. Attendance at their highly successful Top 10 Food Trends and Functional Food Trends IFT webinars and IFT regional Supplier’s Nights has continued to soar. Recently, Dr. Sloan has spoken on programs as diverse as the Women in Agribusiness convention, The Nutritional Industry Association’s annual supplement meeting and the Global Natto Summit with Linda Funk to present their strategy for introducing this high-nutrition Japanese staple around the world. In addition to a variety of regulatory, labeling, and clean-label-focused events, Dr. Adams Hutt has spoken on topics as diverse as CBD, beer, pet foods, regulatory claims, prebiotics, and women’s leadership.

Sloan has appeared on many radio and television programs, including the Today Show and Good Morning America.

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