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What do we do?

We predict the future…

Sloan Trends unique and proprietary TrendSense™ Model uses science, consumer behavior and marketplace activity to predict health & nutrition trends, markets, issues, conditions and ingredients. 

We sort fads from trends and give you the kind of directional information you need and can not get elsewhere. 

For 27 Years We’ve been Creating Successful Sustainable Business-Building Ideas, Strategies and Campaigns . . .

We can help…

Food & Beverage
  • Identifying Emerging Opportunities, Issues
  • Interpreting Trends, Optimizing Product Positioning
  • Predicting Market Readiness, Timing, Trend Lifecycle
  • Ensuring Cutting-edge Scientific & Regulatory Approaches
  • Executing B-to-B, Media, Ingredient Campaigns

For the U.S. and Global Food/Beverage, Supplement, Pharma, Ingredient, Commodity & Foodservice Industries…

We specialize in the U.S. and global food/beverage, supplement, pharma, ingredient, commodity & foodservice industries...

Integrated Holistic Approach

Our 100% customized solutions integrate consumer learnings with competitive/trade activity, science/health/medical, regulatory, sales/financial, media/NGO pressures, and more

New High Potential Market Opportunities

Deep Dives, Presentations, Product Reviews, Campaigns

Optimal Timing, Cutting-edge Messages, Positioning

Trend Monitoring & Forecasting

Emerging Ingredients, Early Warning Issues

Regulatory Claims Guidance

Respected Industry Authorities

Published Monthly Trend, Category and Global Updates

Dr. Elizabeth Sloan has served as Trends Editor for Food Technology magazine for more than 20 years and has over 550 publications on food, nutrition and health marketing.

  • Global Food/Nutrition Trends
  • Mental Health
  • Plant-based
  • Demo Update
  • Pet Healths

Dr. Catherine Adams Hutt and Dr. Sloan are
Co-Marketing Editors, Nutraceuticals World magazine.

A Rare Blend of High-Level Multidisciplinary Experience

Senior level management positions U.S. & global in the in the food/restaurant industries; consumer, trade and foodservice media; and government agencies.

Consumer Magazines


Time Proven Research Tools

Our TrendSense Predictive Model allows us to the predict optimal timing for mass/specialty markets, degree of sustainability, separate fads vs. trends, and more — for trends, ingredients, markets, conditions, and issues.

In recent years, TrendSense has been involved in early identification and/or optimal positioning for some of the nutraceutical industry’s hottest trends including active nutrition, exercise as medicine, choline, curcumin, protein, muscle health, sarcopenia, mobility and more.

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