A Unique Beginning

Sloan Trends, Inc. (originally known as Applied Biometrics) was founded in 1992 in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida when challenged by Tropicana/PepsiCo., The Campbell Soup Co. and Seagram’s to create a reliable trend-tracking system and predictive model specific for the better-for-you and nutraceutical industries.

About Us

100% Cutting-edge, Culinary Exciting and Medically/Regulatory Compliant Business Building Ideas

Uniquely Qualified

Today, we offer a rare blend of professional expertise, due to the diversity of high-level industry positions previously held by our team, coupled with a time-proven predictive model and data-driven trend-tracking systems to deliver unique customized intelligence for business-building opportunities, regulatory compliance, scientific accuracy, B-to-B/public relations campaigns, and marketing solutions for the food beverage, supplement, foodservice, and OTC/pharma industries.

Unique Solutions

Our expertise allows us to offer business intelligence and unique solutions based on the following:

  • Consumer trends, behavior, market readiness
  • Eating patterns, food, flavor, and culinary directions
  • Health and nutrition attitudes/behaviors
  • Emerging medical markets, conditions, and lifestyle issues
  • Assess scientific strength, emerging new directions
  • Media and NGO attitudes and issues 
  • Regulatory compliance; new and existing businesses
  • Optimal positioning for products, B-to-B/media campaigns
Food & Beverage
Commodity Boards

A Unique Data-driven, Holistic Approach . . .

Unlike traditional consulting firms, who specialize in one aspect of the market, e.g., market research or new product tracking, we take a multifactorial approach to actionable recommendations. We integrate key learnings about your products and/or business objectives; with the current state of scientific/medical knowledge, consumer attitudes/behaviors, competitive/market activity, financial projections, legal/regulatory requirements, and media/activist pressures.

Unique Time Tested Tools


For nearly 25 years, our TrendSense™ Predictive Model allows us to predict optimal timing for the mass market and health food/specialty channels, potential market size, degree of sustainability, separate fad from trends; and determine the lifecycle position of health/nutrition trends, markets, issues, ingredients, conditions, and terms.

Getting Ahead of the Curve, which features intelligence from the TrendSensetm Model has been a regular feature in Nutraceuticals World magazine since 2009.

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