Some Sloan Trends Historical Industry Milestones

. . . from the first ever totally customized nutrition store and traffic light nutrition evaluation program to omega-3s, turmeric, and choline . . .

As our work is 100% customized and very often highly confidential, we’re not able to share many of our partnered success stories, however . . . here are some projects we are proud to share.

1st Totally Customized Health Store: GNC LIVE WELL! Store Marketing, Science & Regulatory Support

  • Personalized/ Customized Products

Supplements, Individual vitapaks
Weight loss/sports powders
Beauty/skin care
Shampoo, soaps, lotions
Aromatherapy, Essential oils
Custom insoles, massage
  • ATHOS Personal Profiling system algorithm based on physician input, Artificial Intelligence

  • Product Labels have Customer’s Names

  • Products: Chose Scent, Flavors, etc.

BioNutritional Encyclopedia 3rd Party Expert Refereed Database GNC Customer In-store Kiosks, Basis for Personal Recommendations

  • 1st FDA-allowed science material at point-of-purchase

  • 1st traffic light system for nutrition information

  • Expert evaluation/weight of the scientific evidence presented at point-of-purchase

  • 255 nutrients/ingredients, based on 55,000 refereed articles, 750 journals, 77 Ph. D. researchers

  • Kiosk enabled tracking of customer questions, health concerns/interests, for better store assortment and sales

In 2013, we brought unsolicited to the world’s largest producer of Choline that it was a missed opportunity with a 90% deficiency in the U.S.

Created The Choline Information Council

“Choline offers health benefits at every stage of life”

We Added Scientifically-verified Health Linkages to the VitaCholine™ Portfolio, We Put Choline on the Map…


We created a strong platform that Choline is a serious nutrition deficiency with public health significance; and a nutrient that can be promoted for its critical health benefits, thereby creating strong consumer and industry demand.


We added scientifically-verified health linkages to the VitaCholine™ portfolio, including eye health, long-term positive effects on memory, stress response in fetus, and decreased risk of preeclampsia during pregnancy.


We created the strategy, positioning, and a campaign to influence food, supplement, and health professional audiences.

80+ Industry Trade Stories
< 3 Months. . .

A Wide Diversity of Projects

1st Test for TrendSense: Add Nutrients to Tropicana Orange Juice?

Turmeric/ Curcumin Market quantification, Timing, Identified, Prioritized Linkages, Regulatory

Corporate Nutrition Strategies

1st Non-GMO Virgin Canola Oil in World Top 10 Best New Products Progressive Grocer

Tripled Sales of Kiwifruit “Bite-for-Bite” Nutrition Campaign, Positioning, Identified Anti-Thrombotic Natural Agent

Nomenclature Change to Omega-3s, Positionings, industry sell-in, regulatory

Acquisition Support Starbucks

Add Flavor to Tums Antacids GlaxoSmithKline

With Hormel, developed ingredient & market, D-ribose

Historically, Topics Where We’ve Been at the Cutting-Edge… Getting Ahead of the Curve…

Personalized Nutrition



Fish Oil to Omega-3s

Protein 2007

Fit Consumers


Microbiome/Pre, Pro, Symbiotic

Anxiety/Cognition Mental Health 2015

Muscle/Mobility > Sports

Night Repair Supplements

Hispanic Vitamins


Exercise as Medicine

Food as Medicine

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