TrendSense™, FlavorSense™ & EWATTS
Our Time Proven Early Warning & Trend Tracking Systems

Trend Tracking Service

Wondering what next phytochemicals to hit the mass market will be? If the Glycemic Index or blood sugar management will be a fad or a sustainable mass market trend? What are next wave of emerging health linkages for omega-3s? Will omega-6 or 9 ever be a valid mass market opportunity? Is interest in specialty nutritionals really gaining?


TrendSense can help you:

  • Optimal timing & positioning new products, ingredients, campaigns
  • Identify missed mass market opportunities and second generation markets for major health markets or ingredients
  • Identify high potential up-and-coming ingredients
  • Determine the most marketable health linkages for an ingredient or condition
  • Determine the impact of negative publicity of marketability
  • Separate fads from trends
  • Help determine the current and future weight of the scientific evidence
  • Check the market potential for truly new concepts
  • Identify crossover opportunities from other market sectors, e.g. sports nutrition, etc.
  • Look for market synergies with other ingredients, e.g. maximizing bioavailability
  • If a market, ingredient, or term is gaining or waning, where is it in its' lifecycle?
  • What is the likely magnitude of the opportunity, is it sustainable, is it a mass or specialty market?

How are you tracking high potential emerging ingredients yet to come on the radar screen? Were you ready to capitalize on the new hot market for stroke, circulation or atherosclerosis? Did you know that the risk factors – insulin resistance, Syndrome X, etc. – are the new hot spots in the diabetic marketplace or that protein is a sleeper ingredient for immunity and energy? Whatever ingredients, issues, markets, terminology, health conditions and market trends are relevant to your business, TrendSense™ can help!  

How successful would your products be if you could predict the future?

What if you knew when an ingredient, health condition or market is perfectly timed for the specialty/health food channel or mass market? What high potential ingredients are not yet on our radar screen and will they be sustainable? How about if you could tell where particular ingredients or marketing messages are in their trend lifecycle, e.g., free radicals and if they are on their way up or down? And, what if you could distinguish a sustainable trend vs. a short-term fad?  

With TrendSense™ you can always be ahead of the curve. Sloan Trends will help you capitalize on emerging trends - before your competition.

TrendSense™ gives you insight into the market's changing health issues and concerns, the ingredients that are up-and-coming and those that have just about run their course, as well as what health claims, marketing messages and products will bring your company the most success.

Our services range from building a single curve to our SnapShot mini-decks that provide a quick summary of our recommendations on key topics to our yearly customized corporate Early Warning and Trend-Tracking Service – EWATTS.