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Innovative, Scientifically-Sound and Sustainable Business Solutions . . .
Time Proven Unique Research Tools

We provide trend interpretation, forecasts and actionable market recommendations; strategic counsel on media, regulatory, safety, quality system, and scientific issues; and develop cutting-edge product concepts with on-target marketing messages and regulatory claim positioning to protect and drive your business.  Our efforts are focused on opportunities and issues specific to the food/beverage, health/wellness, foodservice/culinary, dietary supplements and pharma sectors. 

. . . Our Services are 100% Customized Business to Business 

 Marketing Support 

  • Identify high potential emerging market opportunities
  • Recommend & prioritize future corporate directions, "Go, No Go" decisions
  • Trend Monitoring & forecasting: timing, magnitude, life cycle stage & sustainability of markets, trends, ingredients, terms, conditions
  • New Products: on-target messages, concepts, positioning, consumer receptivity and optimal regulatory compliance
  • "Deep Dives" specific market segments; priorities & opportunities

Emerging Ingredients & Issues 

  • Identify up-and-coming high potential, sustainable ingredients
  • Early warning and issue identification
  • Crisis management strategies
  • Contemporize/audit existing product lines

 Regulatory Claims & Issue Management

  • Regulatory claims guidance and verification
  • Food safety and quality assurance guidelines

Internal Support

  • Redirection business policy, strategic direction
  • Trends presentations, updates
  • Sales support, presentations, materials