About Us

20 Years of Providing Innovative, Scientifically-Sound, Sustainable Business Solutions. 

Sloan Trends, Inc., formerly known as Applied Biometrics, was founded in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida in 1992, when challenged by Tropicana/PepsiCo, The Campbell Soup Co. and Seagram's to create a reliable trend-tracking system and predictive model specific to the better-for-you and nutraceutical industries.

Today, we offer a rare blend of professional expertise, coupled with cutting-edge predictive models and data-driven trend-tracking systems, to deliver unique customized intelligence for business-building opportunities, regulatory compliance and solutions for the food, beverage, supplement, food service and pharma industries. 

We specialize in the retail and foodservice industries, providing intelligence on:

  • consumer food/beverage trends/behaviors
  • eating patterns, foods/flavor preferences, culinary directions
  • health and nutrition attitudes/behaviors
  • up-and-coming medical markets/conditions/lifestyle issues
  • scientific strength assessment
  • media, NGO, professional behaviors, attitudes and issues
  • regulatory compliance

A Holistic Approach

Unlike traditional consulting firms that focus on specific market segments, e.g., market research or new product tracking, we utilize a multi-factorial approach as a basis for all of our customized recommendations. Sloan Trends incorporates key learnings about your product and/or business objectives, current scientific knowledge, and regulatory climate and integrates them for best business solutions using our deep knowledge and experience in consumer communications, nutrition, quality, and regulatory science.  

Nutrition & Health

We incorporate key learnings about consumers' attitudes, media, issues, science, regulatory, and competitive activity that align with your product and/or business objectives.


Culinary Directions:

Our culinary expertise is based on deep and broad experience within the industry.  We integrate a wide variety of data streams including consumer food/flavor preferences, real market sales data, chef attitudes/activities, cutting-edge culinary trends, market voids, competitive activity, health attitudes/practices away from home, activist issues and more.

We focus at the interface of three market forces: culture, consumer and culinary. Culture represents socio pressures that affect behaviors (e.g., drive to comfort foods or experimentation). The consumer is about attitudes, practices, desires and trends. Culinary represents what the influence agent chefs, food media and product activity contribute.